YoMo Restaurant, Cannes

MZA carried out the architecture and interior design for this sophisticated Lebanese and mediterranean lounge restaurant in the heart of Cannes. The restaurant has three main areas – a lounge designed for convivial aperitifs, the main restaurant with bespoke banquette seating and a chef’s table with a view to the open kitchen.

The design draws its inspiration from the middle east, with a stylish and intimate atmosphere created by the use of polished wood with inset mother of pearl, a tile ‘carpet’ and backlit mural of the mediterranean sea in the lounge, moucharabiehs with candles and ornaments on the walls and bespoke furniture in rich and vibrant colours. The restaurant opened in March 2013 at 25 rue Hoche, Cannes.

Work: Architecture & Interior Design
Place: Cannes
Date: 2013